EGVAP advisory bodies

E-GVAP has three advisory bodies:
  1. Plenary panel
    Consists of one representative from each member.
    Formal deciding body for E-GVAP, under the constraint that some decisions require agreement by upper EUMETNET bodies (EUMETNET Assembly, PFAC, STAC, and Secretariat).

  2. GNSS processing expert team
    Constist of GNSS processing experts.
    Discussion of and recommendations regarding GNSS data processing, quality checking, and validation. Follow state of the art in ground-based GNSS meteorology, including "next generation" products, such as ZTD gradients, slants, and tomography

  3. User expert team.
    Consists of expert in usage of ground-based GNSS data in NWP and forecsting.
    Guidance to members on how to utilise ground based GPS data in meteorology. Follow state of the art in ground based GNSS meteorology
The plenary panel meets once a year, more often if required.
The two expert teams meets once a year.
The expert team meetings are combined into one meeting, and the planary panel meeting is normally held in connection with the expert teams meeting.

These meetings are open to people that are not members of any of the advisory bodies.