The near real time Global Positioning System zenith total delays (NRT GPS ZTDs) processed for E-GVAP are send to an ftp-server at the UK Met Office.

The timeliness criteria currently set is that the NRT GPS ZTD data for a particular GPS site shall be available to the met offices at the ftp-server within 1 h 45 min after the valid time of the observation. When the data are received they are converted from the COST716 ascii format they come in to BUFR format.

The BUFR format files are distributed via GTS.

NRT GPS ZTDs in either format can be downloaded from the ftp-server.
The name of the server is ''. On the server information regarding
data formats, BUFR format code, etc. can be found.

The ftp-server has password restricted access. If you want access to the server, please
send an email to to obtain the userid and password. Similarly if you need help regarding the BUFR format NRT GPS ZTD data
on the GTS.