Date Event Further info
2017-12-31 End of E-GVAP phase III
2014-10-22 Annual expert teams and members meeting, UK Metoffice, Exeter Meetings
2013-11-28 Annual expert teams and members meeting, DMI, Copenhagen Meetings
2013-01-01 Start of E-GVAP phase III Programme decision, proposal and ToR

2012-12-31 End of E-GVAP phase II
2012-11-15 Joint expert team and plenary meeting, AEMET, Madrid Meetings
2011-10-21 3. Plenary meeting, Toulouse Meetings
2011-10-20+21 3. joint expert team meeting, Toulouse Meetings
2010-09-24 2. plenary meeting, Oslo Meetings
2010-09-23 2. joint expert team meeting, Oslo Meetings
2009-11-18 1. plenary meeting, KNMI Meetings
2009-11-17 1. joint expert team meeting, KNMI Meetings
2009-04-01 Start of E-GVAP-II Progr. plan

2009-03-31 End of E-GVAP I
2009-01-20 7'th plenary meeting. Meetings
2008-11-07 Joint expert team meeting Meetings
2008-11-06 E-GVAP workshop on the usage of ground based GNSS data in NWP and now-casting. Meetings
2008-09-16 6'th plenary meeting, Dubrovnik, Croatia Meetings
2008-06-ultimo PB-OBS meeting
2008-06-primo EUREF Symposium
2008-05-06 Joint meeting of the processing and user expert teams, at GFZ, Potsdam. Draft agenda and travel info
2007-09 primo Second processing WG meeting, Matera, Italy.
2007-06-20 E-GVAP 4'th plenary meeting, Barcelona, Spain
2007-06-05 EUREF symposium (MoU), UK
2007-02 First user WG meeting, DMI, Denmark
2007-01-15 E-GVAP third plenary meeting, KNMI, Netherlands
2006-10-31 PB-OBS meeting, Tenerife
2006-09 First processing WG meeting, Meteo-Swiss, Switzerland.
2006-06-13 PB-OBS meeting, Iceland.
2006-06-01 EGVAP second plenary meeting, DMI, Denmark
2005-09-28 EGVAP first plenary meeting, Exeter, UK EGVAP homepage
2005-06-02+03 Meeting with EUREF
(at EUREF symposium, Vienna)

2005-06-02+03 EGVAP team meeting, Vienna
2005-04-01 Start of EGVAP